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I feel like I might have a fundamental misunderstanding of how a saved search is supposed to work. In an on-prem system, a saved search presents the search parameters to a user, and they can modify the search from there before executing the search. It seems to work this way in both the desktop client and the web client, at least in my experience. User loads the saved search, and needs to click the "Search" button before the search is actually executed, to allow them to modify the search if needed.

We have a cloud customer with a very simple repository - they store one kind of document in there. We configured a saved search for them which is just a field search based on the one template they have. In the desktop client, loading that saved search just presents the field search parameters, and the user can modify them before executing the search. However, when accessing the cloud repository through a web browser, the saved search executes immediately, which returns every document with that template. After that, the user can modify the search parameters, but they first have to wait for the search to return results. This is only happening for one user - nobody else has the search execute immediately.

Is that expected behavior? I know it's barely worth the effort of saving that search since it's just a simple field search with all the values left blank (to let the user narrow it down from there), but I wasn't expecting the search to execute immediately. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


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