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Document retrieval, workflow automation, reporting and monitoring. Each process is driven by the metadata linked to your documents in Laserfiche. In this webinar IRIS explains how IRIS data capture technology is integrated and enables automated data entry into Laserfiche. Automated data entry significantly reduces the overhead bringing documents into Laserfiche and adds additional quality control to the data.


This webinar is aimed at Laserfiche professionals interested in end-to-end automation with Laserfiche and Laserfiche users who would like to get a better understanding of the added value data capture can bring.


Webinar agenda

  • Introduction to data capture
  • Automated document classification
  • Automated document indexing
  • Automated case management within Laserfiche.
  • How to ensure data integrity
  • The IRIS – Laserfiche connector


Register to attend Thursday, June 3 at 12 PM ET!

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