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Search string yields two different results in Weblink

asked on May 6

We are creating a search string that would allow the public to look for documents in the repository through our public portal (it's a link through our GIS).  The search looks for a PIN number and a Permit Type.  There are different Permit Types in the folder (EH and BI).  We only want EH (Environmental Health) to be displayed.  If I click on the link once, I get documents of both types.  If I click on it a second time, I get only EH (which is what I want).  If I use the search string on our internal Weblink, I get the correct results the first time.  I've cleared the cache on the browser and tried it in an incognito window and the first time gives me all Permit Types for that PIN and every subsequent time gives me what I really want, just EH.  Weblink 10.2.  Here is the search string:

http://PUBLICPORTALSERVER/WebLink/Search.aspx?dbid=0&searchcommand={[CP%20-%20Records]:[PIN%20No]=%22PINNUMBER%22}%26{[CP%20-%20Records]:[CP%20-%20Records%20-%20Permit%20Type]= %22EH*%22}

It searches metadata from a template "CP - Records" and two fields: "PIN No" and "CP - Records - Permit Type".  Full disclosure, this string is based on looking at an example and not on any in-depth knowledge of how to actually do it, so if you know what's going on, feel free to dumb it down.

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replied on May 6

This is a problem with the way "&" characters are handled when users need to be redirected to the login page. Since that character is also used as a separator for url query parameters, the search string is cut short. We have bug 320848 filed for this.

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