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Forms 11 Designer

asked on May 6


We just updated a customer to Forms 11.

Is there option to convert Forms built in 10 to have the ability to use the new Forms Designer Layout?

Appreciate the feedback,

Jeff Curtis

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replied on May 6

We are including a converter in our next Forms 11 update that will create a copy of your existing forms and update it to use the new designer. Your process will continue to use the existing form (so it won't break) while you update the converted form to make it perfect. Once ready, you can swap forms in the process to use the new one. 

The conversion tool will bring all the fields on to the layout form in the correct order along with the field settings. However, because the underlying structure is different, we will strip out custom CSS and JS on the conversion. Ideally, the new layout designer will allow you to design your forms without using as much or any CSS. 

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replied on May 6

Thanks Jared

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