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Feature Request: Have Forms send an email when a process needs maintenance

posted on May 5

There are business processes which require maintenance, either on a monthly or yearly basis. Processes where either field titles need to be changed or dates on the form need to be updated. When you have several processes which require this type of maintenance it is easy to lose track of when a processes needs updating. While currently we have the ability to add a description to a process, it would be nice if there was a method of adding a reminder along with the note which sends an email out on a certain date to the process creator or person who is tasked with maintaining it. This way someone is notified of the necessary changes and it does not go forgotten about until someone remembers or a user reports it.


Thank you for reading!

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replied on May 7

If Work Flow is available, I would suggest setting up a workflow for a reminder.

Also, if it is something, like changing the year within the form, it is possible, but a bit of upfront work, to have the client side java script change these values on the client.

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