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Report multi-valued fields

asked two days ago

I would like to create a simple report based on an entities fields.  I have seen where I can use WF to create a merge with a word document using WF action "Update Word Document".  My issue is when an entity has multi-value fields the "Update Word Document" requires a query action to update a table.  My question is what is the query to retrieve the multi value fields from the database?

As an example say I have an entity that has 3 fields.  Vendor (single value field), Contact (multi-value field), Contact Phone (multi-value field).

I would like the report to list the Vendor and then have a table with Contact and Contact Phone.

Vendor:  Widgets Inc

Joe Schmo              333-111-1234

Jan Doe                  333-111-1235

Big MuckyMuck     333-111-1236


So from my understanding the query should return data in the following form

Widgets Inc, Joe Schmo, 333-111-1234

Widgets Inc, Jan Doe, 333-111-1235

Widgets Inc, Big MuckyMuck, 333-111-1236

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replied two days ago

I figured the query out.  Need to use a PIVOT to get the data into columns.  Once the query was set all else fell into place.

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