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[Bug] [Workflow] Update Data Activity - No error displayed/logged if search criteria isn't met?

asked on May 2 Show version history

Hi team,

Just a quick bug (perhaps, a bug in my logic), regarding the Update Data Activity.

We have a Laserfiche Form that submits data to a Workflow.

The Workflow uses the Retrieve Business Process Variables to obtain the information from the Laserfiche Form. 

Some of the values from the Form are used by the Update Data Activity to help identify the right row in a table to update.

However, if the values are not passed through from the form for some reason (e.g. they're blank, missing, or invalid), the Update Data Activity completes successfully without error (although it updates nothing).

I can't imagine why this activity wouldn't throw an error in the logs if the values it was using to look up a row were empty or incorrect, since it cannot theoretically update anything if it is not passed valid search criteria.

Is this a bug, or is this working as intended?

If it is working as intended, could I request a feature enhancement to this activity where we can choose whether "no matches found" generates an error or continues as normal?

Thanks team!

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replied on May 3

This depends on the target data source. SQL Server does not throw errors when no rows are affected.

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replied on May 3

Hi Miruna!

The Update Data activity doesn't include any tokens. Would it be possible to add some, like a count for Rows Affected?

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replied on May 3

Thanks Miruna, good point regarding the data source - that make sense!

As Pieter suggested, could it be possible to provide a token output for Rows Affected?

That seems like a great way to provide a workflow with the information needed to know if an update was performed successfully or not.


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