asked on May 1

Hi Everyone,


Our client have the Canon DR-S150 scanner and he face problem when he want to scan the paper in duplex mode:

Problem Description:

User can see and choose the "Feeder (Duplex)" mode and scan the 2 sides of papers if he use the "Option Scanner Window" then choose from "Paper Source" the value "Feeder (Duplex)"  as shown in screenshot attached with name "Scanner Option Window.jpg (107.84 KB)" and all things is ok (2 sides will be scanned),

But when user need to choose his Paper Scanning source from the quick tool appear in the main Scanning window as shown in the attached screenshot named "Quick Paper Source Tool.JPG (99.92 KB)" he couldn't see the option "Feeder (Duplex)" instead of that he see just 2 options "Feeder" which scan the paper in simplex mode and the other option he see is "Automatic" which also scan the paper in simplex mode (not in duplex even when we put a 2 sides written paper)


So is there a way to show the option "Feeder (Duplex)" in the "Paper Source" option appear in this window: Quick Paper Source Tool.JPG (99.92 KB) ?


Best Regards.

Scanner Option Window.jpg
Quick Paper Source Tool.JPG
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