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Web Request - Json header response

asked on April 28

I want to use below json response in  my Run web request rule activity within workflow. How I can extract/split values from Json and use it in our workflow ? 

json response.png
rule.png (25.04 KB)
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replied on April 28


In the Web Request Rule on the 'Request' tab you can test your web request rule by clicking on the 'Test Web Request' button.  If you get a valid response from your web service you can then go to the 'Response' tab  to verify the JSON response.  Just below the JSON response you will see a section with the header 'Response body'.  Click on the 'Add output token' to add a new output token.   In the 'Output name' field type in the name you want to give to the output token and in the 'parsing string' field type in the JSON element name to retrieve.  In your case the two output tokens will have parsing string values of 'myname' and 'test'.

Once you publish the rule then those two tokens will be available for use later in your workflow. 


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