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Announcing the Microsoft Teams Integration for Laserfiche Cloud

posted on April 9, 2021

Now available for all Laserfiche Cloud customers, we are pleased to announce an integration with Microsoft Teams! This integration allows organizations to save and share Laserfiche documents from directly within the Teams app to improve collaboration and compliance with governance policies.

Main highlights include the ability to:

  • More securely collaborate with others by sharing and viewing Laserfiche content natively within Teams.
  • Improve governance by saving content shared in Teams directly to Laserfiche to avoid duplicate files created across Teams channels and user desktops.
  • Save time with convenient access to Laserfiche without having to switch applications.


Look out for further updates targeted later this year with the ability to push business process approvals and notifications to Teams for expanded user convenience.  


**Download the Microsoft Teams integration today!**

To learn more about the Microsoft Teams Integration and other recent cloud updates, watch the Laserfiche Cloud Q2 release overview webinar.

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replied on September 23, 2022

Hi Brandon, 


this type of integration not available for on-premisos perpetual licensing systems?

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replied on September 23, 2022

The integration is only available for Laserfiche Cloud customers.

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