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Update Variable Value - Numeric Input Validation

asked on April 7

Contrary to the "There is no validation for variable values based on the field settings" text, the Update Variable Value screen does attempt to validate input to numeric fields.

The input mask applied here creates difficulty entering valid values, though. Attempting to enter "0.5" is entirely unintuitive, for example. The field suppresses attempts to start with "0", displays an error when starting with ".", and clears itself entirely when attempting to follow the "." with a numeral. It will allow you to enter "5", arrow left, then add the "0.". It will also allow pasting the complete "0.5" from the clipboard. It will not allow entries without the leading zero.

Laserfiche Forms Professional Version

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replied on April 7 Show version history

We'll take a look at that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 

The warning about no validation based on field settings is in reference to minimum or maximum values, dropdown options, before/after date settings... settings on the field itself. The data type validation is still active so we can properly store the values in the database. 

Another workaround might be typing 10.5 and deleting the 1. We'll make the 0. experience better. 

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