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Feature Request Link Field Type in Forms

asked on April 6

We constantly come across having to populate a single line field with a URL and then take that URL and use it in a custom HTML field to display as a link. It would be nice if there was a Link field type where a URL could be populated in the field and then on subsequent forms it could be set to read only which would make it a clickable link automatically.

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replied on April 6

Cool idea, I'll add it to our feature request list. 

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replied on April 7

Great "quality of life" suggestion! I can see this being a really useful feature. One thing I do a lot is creating dynamic links based on user input.

For example, on one of our employee change forms I use a "building" dropdown to set the URL for a link to building maps so supervisors can locate the room number where the employee will be sitting.

With a "Link" field like this I could reference the building variable in a calculation, and have the link updated dynamically without any custom JavaScript.

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replied on April 6

Great idea which compliments the new designer perfectly. Definitely a +1 from me.

Elaborating further on this feature request, I think it would be great to also provide the option to define how that 'read only' link was formatted when displayed.

  • Simple Display: Responsive Button (with editable properties e.g. border radius, colour, background etc)
  • Advanced Display: Full HTML (with variable placement)

Save me a lot of time on these things (as described, Custom HTML blocks):


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