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Change text color in a text box

posted on March 30

Feature Request for the ability to change text settings in a text box in both the Laserfiche web and desktop client and in the workflow activity "Add a Text Box".  

Requesting the ability to change the text color in the text box annotation.  This will allow one to set the background to a darker (dark blue for example) and have the text show up as white for ease of readability.  Would also allow one to set the background to none and set the text color to red or another color to stand out like the stamps annotation. 

The "opacity" setting should also be added for the text and have it separate from the fill for the text box.  This way the fill color will have a different opacity from the text.  The fill will be "lighter" and the text can be a bit darker to be able to read it.

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replied on April 5

I've made a request to the team explaining the issue with the contrast.

The textbox text color is automatically determined based on background color, but it appears that some of the colors, including the suggested blue, have poor contrast.

While the team considers the request, some suggestion:

  • If you use a custom color, it will also auto-detect and if you choose a slightly darker blue, you'll get white text (and it will save to recent colors for that use)

  • If blue is a common color, you could make this your default 

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replied on April 6

Hi Brianna,

I did try as you suggested with a darker blue and it did change the text to white, but if I do a darker red, it keeps the text color as black.

What I was actually requesting is the ability to not only select the background of the text box, but also select the color of the text within the box.  This would allow one to select say blue as the background and yellow as the text color.   Would like this ability in the desktop client, the web client and in the "Add Text Box" activity in workflow.


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replied on April 6 Show version history

Yes, I have passed along the request to allow admins to change the text color. I didn't make it clear in my original reply, but I have already stated to the team the request you made was for the option for users to select text color, with the context that the default is too low contrast.

This is simply a workaround you can use if you would like while the team considers the request.

These are some good alternative background colors if you want higher contrast:

  • Darker green #006100 (gives white text)
  • Darker red #B60000 for white text, or lighter red #FF6161 with black text
  • Gray #999999 with black text


You can directly enter these codes into the color picker if you'd like, then save them under "custom colors". They'll appear in the regular context menu if you've used them recently, and if they're saved to custom colors it makes them easy to reselect.

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replied one day ago

Hi Brianna, 

Your response is showing how to set the color via the web version of Laserfiche.  The workflow designer has a different look and does not work the same as what you shared.  This is what workflow designer shows for the add a text box tool

The rgb color code is what you entered and it shows different.


Also, in the web client, the text box shows differently from the desktop client.

Desktop client:

Windows Client:

Wanted to pass this along.  I don't know if this may be fixed in the latest release, but this is how it is showing for the desktop version and windows client version


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