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Forms 11: Awesome Features that I Haven't Heard Talked About

asked on March 30, 2021

There are several features that Laserfiche has talked about for Forms 11, but I have discovered a few that I didn't hear mentioned and thought others would like to know about them.

  1. Field placeholder text
  2. Search drop-down lists
  3. Email field confirmation
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replied on April 6, 2021 Show version history

Great finds @████████!

Some other notable features I've found in our on premise test environment (for the new designer) which may or may not be documented but were stand out to me:

  • Nestable Sections. (with nestable read-only support) e.g.
    Employee Information (Parent Section) [Read-Only]
    > Personal Details (Child Section) [Inherited]
    > Department Details (Child Section) [Inherited]
    This dramatically simplifies field rules for highly complex form sections.
  • Section Duplication. You can now duplicate entire sections including all of their child fields.
  • Table Editor in the Custom HTML Block. Gone are the days of needing to copy+paste from Microsoft Word to generate basic tables.


I will say there are lots of really good enhancements with this release, but as a day to day user I have a massive laundry list of what I'd deem to be small quality of life improvements that are long overdue. Maybe one day I'll document them all into a post.

Regardless, this update for on premise and the implementation methodology of allowing both the classic and new designer to co-exist is fantastic. Great job to the team given the diverging platform priorities!

Hope to see more regular updates!


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replied on April 2, 2021

Here's another one:

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replied on April 6, 2021

Hmm, I wonder if this is how they are working around the DocuSign PDF storage error issue, or if this is a preventative measure to stop issues with any future file types. Good solution no less, great find Blake.

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replied on April 4, 2021 Show version history

Code editor for Custom HTML field:

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replied on April 6, 2021

It tells you what type of field the field is in the properties pane...

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replied on June 4, 2021

Submission Recovery

Forms 11 does submission recovery differently than older versions. You can read about it here.

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