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Forms 11: Awesome Features that I Haven't Heard Talked About

posted on March 30, 2021 Show version history

There are several features that Laserfiche has talked about for Forms 11, but I have discovered a few that I didn't hear mentioned and thought others would like to know about them.

  1. Field placeholder text
  2. Search drop-down lists
  3. Email field confirmation
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replied on February 7, 2022

This is a great post! Thanks for doing this guys!


One big thing I overlooked for a long time is built in task reminders. Not sure what version that feature dropped in, but it was a game changer for sure. I'd like to see someone from LF note the small changes like this for future releases. That way we don't miss some of the subtle major changes.

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replied on June 4, 2021

Submission Recovery

Forms 11 does submission recovery differently than older versions. You can read about it here.

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replied on April 6, 2021 Show version history

Great finds @████████!

Some other notable features I've found in our on premise test environment (for the new designer) which may or may not be documented but were stand out to me:

  • Nestable Sections. (with nestable read-only support) e.g.
    Employee Information (Parent Section) [Read-Only]
    > Personal Details (Child Section) [Inherited]
    > Department Details (Child Section) [Inherited]
    This dramatically simplifies field rules for highly complex form sections.
  • Section Duplication. You can now duplicate entire sections including all of their child fields.
  • Table Editor in the Custom HTML Block. Gone are the days of needing to copy+paste from Microsoft Word to generate basic tables.


I will say there are lots of really good enhancements with this release, but as a day to day user I have a massive laundry list of what I'd deem to be small quality of life improvements that are long overdue. Maybe one day I'll document them all into a post.

Regardless, this update for on premise and the implementation methodology of allowing both the classic and new designer to co-exist is fantastic. Great job to the team given the diverging platform priorities!

Hope to see more regular updates!


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replied on April 6, 2021

It tells you what type of field the field is in the properties pane...

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replied on April 4, 2021 Show version history

Code editor for Custom HTML field:

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replied on April 2, 2021

Here's another one:

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replied on April 6, 2021

Hmm, I wonder if this is how they are working around the DocuSign PDF storage error issue, or if this is a preventative measure to stop issues with any future file types. Good solution no less, great find Blake.

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