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Forms 11: Field IDs are Not Shown in Designer

asked on March 29, 2021

When you have two fields that have the same label in Forms 11 and then go to create a field rule, it shows the label name and the field ID as follows:

The problem is that when you are editing the field in the Form Designer it does not show you the field ID so you don't know which field you should select.

In previous versions it showed the label name and the variable name.

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replied on January 6, 2023

The new form designer will show the field id on the form layout when you on the rules tab with Forms 11 Update 3.

You can see other changes of Forms 11 Update 3 from and get Forms 11 Update 3 from Laserfiche 11 package

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replied on March 29, 2021

A workaround would be to add an "x" or some identifier to one of the fields, set up the field rule, then remove it. Not a good long term solution but should work until we can get this fixed. 

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replied on March 29, 2021

Oh that is horrible, can you let us know when you have a fix for this. 

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replied on March 29, 2021

We have that filed. (312915 for internal reference)

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replied on June 24, 2021

Is there a time frame for when this will be fixed?

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