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Time Sheet Examples

asked on March 18, 2021


I am new to Laserfiche looking to connect with other Solution Providers that have done time sheet development. We need a timesheet solution for our business and must either build in Laserfiche or buy something off the shelf. 

I would like to see examples of what timesheet functionality has been built using Laserfiche to decide whether its good enough to wait for our development or buy something else now. I dont want to wait till we get to that phase of the project and then realize the functionality does not meet our requirements and we have lost all the time.

Thanks in advance.

Geoffrey Francis

South Africa

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replied on March 18, 2021

We have had good experiences rolling out timecards to our Clients using Laserfiche Forms, as long as the right expectations are set. Since Forms is great at capture, routing, and reporting on information, and this is what a timesheet is, it works really well. javascript/jquery customizations are almost a must with timesheets though, so I recommend being very fluent in scripting.

We use script to auto calculate hours based on dates, color code fields, inform the user of logical errors with their entry, etc.

It is good to remember that any quality software you decide to purchase likely required about 10 years to make (with community feedback throughout) with around 10 people working on that software over those years. So for example, if you want to create something equivalent in features and stability using Laserfiche, your in for a long haul.

Don't set the expectations that Laserfiche can REPLACE something like ADP. Determine what the needs are first, if they are extensive, a 10x10 year product may be a better fit.

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replied on March 18, 2021

Thanks Chad for your response. Would you be open to sharing some screenshots of the time sheet system that was developed?

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replied on March 19, 2021 Show version history

This one has some cool scripting which, based on the last day of the pay period, determines which days are in that pay period and displays a row for each day.

The time field defaults align to the computer clock, so if you are entering the data in real time no need to type or scroll through to find the right time of day.

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replied on March 19, 2021

Great question!  Laserfiche is a very flexible product and it can be used in many applications.   With time tracking, Laserfiche Forms can be implemented (with scripting, as Chad mentions) and achieve great results capturing and approving time sheets. 


Areas to look carefully will be your needs for reporting on time, by worker, by team, by project, overtime etc.  And, to what extent this reporting needs to be historical.  You may need to integrate to an HR system or Payroll system.  Depending on your needs, you may require significant development.



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