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Laserfiche Workflow 11 PDF Page Generation - a win for governments

asked on March 11, 2021 Show version history

Workflow gets a PDF page generation activity to schedule and automate process intensive tasks at the server rather than having the client perform it manually. 


This is another feature that could be a game changer especially I think, in government.  Here are my thoughts.


A PDF file in Laserfiche is great.  But in order to take advantage of features like thumbnail view, splitting documents,  re-ordering pages or deleting pages - you need to turn PDF files into images.  Which is normally no issue, Laserfiche does this easily at the client.    But this new features allows this process to be done at the server, not the client. I think this offers many beneficial scenarios for government.


  1. Scale.  You have staff or the public submitting PDF documents at the same time from multiple locations

  2. 24x7.  You want inbound PDF files to be processed without human intervention so that you can service clients 24x7, perhaps through an automated workflow process.

  3. Volume.  You have a lot of PDF files to process.  Perhaps this was a result of a migration from another system; or you simply had a lot of PDF files archived to your file system.

  4. Submission from external parties. Bid submissions, engineering reports, and other documents from external parties will nearly always be received in PDF form.  These are time consuming to process at the client side.

  5. PDF files that are not OCRd, but need to be for search and FOI purposes.  PDF files received may have a text extraction layer, or not, depending how PD F was were generated.  OCRing the document in Laserfiche makes them searchable in even of a FOI request or general search. 

  6. Multifunctional copier scanning can be configured for image format, but they tend to default to PDF and sometimes that is the only option.  Scanning as PDF, then converting to pages at the desktop creates a multi-step process that is less than ideal.


How will you use this new capability?

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replied on March 11, 2021

Once Covid hit, we began processing payment requests via paperless form processes instead of passing around paper invoices for coding and approving.  I ran into the issue of invoices that are pdf's that could not be combined with the actual approval form unless I manually did them myself.  I had been doing this with some other processes simply because there weren't enough of them to worry about, but not after Covid!

Now, I have a workflow that OCR's all the new paperless process forms and attachments that come in,

Another workflow that checks all the attachments and generates pages on them.

Another workflow that combines the approval form with the images generated on the attachments (and deletes the pdf).

Another workflow that combines the scanned (manually signed) cheque vouchers with all the payment approval pages that match up with any one cheque voucher and then files them in the right year month AP folders.

I WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY when we upgrade to LF11 and can simplify this process!  smiley

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replied on March 12, 2021 Show version history

Connie - yes, it sounds like this feature was made for you!

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replied on March 11, 2021

We have older documents where pages had not been generated, and text had not been extracted.  To have this ability to search for documents and apply these activities directly in Workflow will save us from having to resort to using Quick Fields instead (for example) - this will save us a ton of time!

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replied on March 12, 2021

Marty - yes totally agree.  The workflow would probably query to identify number of OCRd pages (=0) or something like that, if yes, extract pages and OCR.  Great use case.

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