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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new course: How Business Processes, Workflows, and Bots Work Together. This certification style course can be accessed in Aspire, at no cost. We recommend this course for those interested in learning more about how business processes, workflows, and bots work together.


Course Description: 

In this course, we will learn how to take data collected from a customer, pass it through a workflow, and then kick off a bot that inserts that data into a third-party application in order to reduce manual effort.


Course Objectives:

  • Explain how a business process can start a workflow and a workflow can start a bot
  • Describe the importance of variables and tokens in passing information
  • Discuss how parameters function in workflows and bots
  • Navigate quickly between business processes, workflows, and bots while developing solutions


Course Length: 

11 minutes



If you have any questions regarding your account, you can reach us at

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