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Can you: Save as draft, then have another person open that draft and sign it?

asked on February 19

We just put out an application form for the public to submit a request for a grant that would be Covid-19 expense related.  This is for Non-Profit Organizations.  We have had an NPO come back to us saying their assistant filled out the form and Saved as Draft, then emailed him the email link to the draft so that he can do the signature part, but he is unable to submit it.  Is this by design?  Where only the IP address where the form was started is able to complete and submit a draft?

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replied on February 19

Never mind!  Even though we asked them numerous times whether they had filled in all the required fields, when they shared their Save As Draft with our staff, we found a field that was not filled in!  They have now submitted it without issues.

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