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image flipped in windows client client

asked on February 19

some users see the image normal in the windows client but one user sees the exact document but its flipped? I have attached the image of what it looks like. This is a random issue and happens to different users.

image.png[92].png (528.43 KB)
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replied on February 19

Just to be clear, the same document looks different to different users? If that is the case, please open a support case so we can get a sample document to test.

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replied on February 22 Show version history

we have the same issue after using "Generate Pages" on a PDF.  all users see the image mirrored (still in proper orientation, but image is reversed) , but it does not happen on all PDF files.

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replied on February 23

This is a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming Laserfiche 11 release (bug# 159426). You will need to re-generate pages from the PDF to correct them.

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