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Font changes when I create PDF from Word

asked on February 18

I am creating a pdf by using the "Update Word Document" feature in workflow. My referenced object (word doc) mostly has content in Times New Roman but also has some content in a font that looks cursive.

However, when I create the PDF, all the content is in Times New Roman.

Any thoughts? 

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replied on February 19

Hi, i used to work for a printing company. One thing i was told is if you have a cursive (Serif) font the same as font you have where the PDF was created then you must have that same font installed on the machine where the workflow process is going on.

Another way, (my prefer way) is bring the orginal file into Adobe illustrator and convert that cursive/decorative font, or Serif font to OUTLINE. This will definitely will not get convert in the any process. Once the font line/word is converted to OUTLINES then it stay like that the whole process which means once you do the outline conversion you have to do a SAVE AS that way if you need to make any changes you can do the change from the origanal copy.

I hope this help in some way or another.

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