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Forms Calculation Functions using mathematical signs inside of quotes

asked on January 13

In forms the math symbols go inside of the quotes along with static values. This confuses me coming from javascript and C#.

For example I am trying to use the SUMIF function and the usage describes:

=SUMIF( table_variable_name.column_variable_name, ">5", [table_variable_name.column2_variable_name])

In Javascript math signs are outside of the quotes with quotes denoting static strings only. This allows me to replace static quoted values in examples with my variables



The problem I am running into here, is I want to replace the "5" with a variable for the actual value I want to check against, but now I do not know where the >,=,<, or != sign belongs in the statement.

How do I re-write this statement using only variables and no static number 5?

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replied on January 13 Show version history

The formulas mostly follow the OpenFormula rules not coding rules like Javascript or C#.  Like formulas in Excel or Google Sheets.

Not tested specifically, but try this:


That's similar to how you would do it in Excel ">"&A1 if your value was in cell A1.

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replied on January 13

That worked, I guess that is like re-constructing a string from a variable. Thank you!

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replied on January 13

You are quite welcome.

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