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Upload a image as a hyperlink on Form

asked on January 12 Show version history

I have a Fuel unit table that I would like to input as a part of linked text underneath a field. Does Forms support this? If so, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



I know I can use the Custom HTML field and input the image but I was thinking of using code similar to "A href" in the below field text line for this field. 

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replied on January 12

Store the image on your LFForms server.

C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Laserfiche Forms\Forms\img\

You can make a subfolder (i.e. "Links") and put the image there to keep things organized

Then, if your image path is:

C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Laserfiche Forms\Forms\img\Links\myimage.jpg

You can access it via custom HTML elements in LFForms with a path link this:


I've done this to use images on lots of HTML items: img tags, a tags, input tags, etc.

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replied on January 13

Thank you Matthew that is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. 

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replied on January 13

Fantastic!  So glad to help.

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