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Laserfiche Cloud SSO - Federated ID

asked on January 12

Hi everyone!


I just have a question to more or less confirm we are correct.  What exactly is the Federated ID that Laserfiche is referring to when enabling SSO for a user in Laserfiche Cloud?  The help file section below states that this is set in your identity provider's page.  But the client and I were not sure where this was located or perhaps it is under a different name.  If it helps or matters, this client is using Okta for their SSO.  Thank you for any clarification you can provide!


Once Enable Single Sign-On is checked, the Federated ID field will appear. This is set in your identity provider's page.


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replied on January 12

Hi Mike,

The Federated ID or Identifier the system is looking for is the unique user identifier used to identify the user within your Identity Provider. This is typically the user name or email address associated with the user. For Azure AD, the default identifier is the user.userprincipalname. It could also be set up to be the user.mail, or the email address. For numerous IDPs we've tested, the email address is used as the unique identifier, so the value you would need to fill in the Federated ID field is the user's email address. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.




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