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Years ago we created an application that downloaded documents out of Laserfiche in PDF format.  It depended on the PdfExporter DLL from the SDK.  We were moving apps to a new web server so we updated the application to use newer SDK DLLs.  We went from the 8.1 libraries to the 9.2 libraries.

FYI, we were using DotNet framework 4.6.2 and building as a 32 bit app.

Retrieving documents in PDF format took twice as long with the new version.  With the older version an 85 page document was taking about 95 seconds to retrieve.  Now it was taking 185 seconds.

In the end we think it was the BitDepth setting.  We guess in older versions it defaulted to 8 bit (greyscale).  Now in the new version it appears to be defaulting to 24 bit (color).  By default the 'ExportOptions' BitDepth setting reads -1.  We set it to 8 using the 'ExportOptions' class 'SetBitDepth' method and we were back to where we had been 'performance wise' in the past.  Interestingly, setting it to 1 for black and white was slower than 8.  Setting it to 24 gave us the much slower performance we had been experiencing.

Hopefully this will save someone some head scratching.


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