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Laserfiche 11 Coming Soon!

posted on January 8

Targeted for mid-February for self-hosted customers, Laserfiche 11 will include a number of new features and enhancements across the product suite.  

Main highlights include: 

Direct Share: Share content securely with people outside the organization with password-protected links that can be tracked and audited centrally in Laserfiche. This will be the first out of several planned features that will allow self-hosted customers to take advantage of Laserfiche Cloud services through a hybrid architecture.  

More User-Friendly Form Designer: Design custom forms more easily than ever with a simplified drag-and-drop experience to put fields side-by-side, adjust field widths and more. 

Edit In-Progress Process Variable Values: Keep processes running smoothly with the ability for an administrator to edit form variables during runtime, such as mistyped or missing field inputs.  

Expanded SSO Support: Improved log-in experience for Laserfiche desktop-based applications, such as Quick Fields, Scanning, Snapshot and Connector with support for SAML, AD FS and MFA authentication.  

Repository User Experience Enhancements: More conveniently work across the web client with the ability to save searches, view recent searches and set custom filters in an updated search bar, print documents in a batch, and view thumbnail images of documents in the folder browser. 

More Efficient PDF Page Generation: Generate image pages for PDFs using the distributed computing cluster (DCC) via Workflow to streamline high-volume capture workflows at scale. 

Optimized Audit Trail Reporting: Increase audit trail performance by taking advantage of a rearchitected backend that no longer requires being tied to a SQL server. 


Reminder: Laserfiche 11 has updated system requirements. Please review the end of support announcements in this Answers group for legacy Microsoft Servers, OSs, Browsers and TLS 1.0/1.1.

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I'm excited on the new capabilities, specifically direct share for on-prem.


Per a previous post I had up - Is Extended SSO Support only for the RIO or as an add-on for Avante customers? In fact. are these features standard on all versions of Laserfiche or will they be an add-on for Avante/United/etc..?


Looking forward to it!

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replied on January 8 Show version history

Glad to hear you are looking forward to the new features!

Licensing for advanced authentication options such as SAML and MFA are not changing with the release of SSO support for desktop applications. 


  • Neither SAML nor MFA are available for Avante at this time
  • Basic SAML and MFA for Laserfiche users is included for Rio customers and most subscription options
  • Advanced identity management features such as just-in-time registration require an add-on for Rio. 

Other features of Single Sign On through LFDS, such as Laserfiche user authentication and Windows authentication, will be available for Avante customers through desktop applications.

This does not notably change current login options for desktop applications in Avante, but may provide a better user experience for companies using Laserfiche users.

Directory Server is not supported for United, so this extension of SSO support would not be available for United.


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