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Laserfiche Multi-Factor Authentication

asked on November 25, 2020

I have a client that would like to setup Multi-Factor Authentication, they have posted the following questions:

  • What’s involved in enabling Multi Factor Authentication in Laserfiche.
  • We have MFA enabled and use Cisco Duo Mobile to authenticate users who are working remotely.
  • We would like to activate MFA for people accessing the repository remotely or using the Laserfiche App.

I'm not very familiar with Network Security so any input would be very much appreciated.

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replied on November 30, 2020

Hi Ray,

I suggest taking a look at our MFA documentation here. Laserfiche MFA is only supported for the "Laserfiche User" user type, and cannot be enabled/disabled based on whether the user is working remotely/is using the Laserfiche Mobile app.

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replied on December 4, 2020

Thank you so much for pointing us toward the right direction Chase. We will look into the documentation and see what we can do.

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