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Recursive access rights report

asked on November 20

I need a way to generate a complete report of access rights for all folders, subfolders and documents in a repository, similar to the reported functionality of the "Permissions Report" tool at

This tool from 2007 is now almost old enough to enroll in high school, so I am hoping that this functionality is either built in or available in a more modern utility.

Specifically, for all folders, subfolders and documents, I want to list:

1) Any folder or document with explicit (non-inherited) permissions 

2) User/group, permissions and scope

3) Any subfolders with inheritance disabled

The built-in access rights reports that I could find only report on effective user permissions for one or more users against a single folder. They don't list explicit permissions, groups, scope, or inheritance and they offer no way to report on subfolders.

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replied 3 hours ago

Hi Andrew,

I'm interested in your use case for that kind of complete access right report. Understanding the problem you're trying to solve can help guide future reporting enhancements. Who is the audience and what would they do with it? For large repositories, the output of such a report could easily be hundreds of millions of rows.

I concur there is a difference in functionality between the older Access Rights Report tool you mentioned and the new web client Security Reports. Those are, to the best of my knowledge, the available official options though.

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