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HP Scanjet Enterprise flow 7000 s3 Laserfiche Support

asked on November 20

I had a staff member just buy a scanner for a new employee to use with Laserfiche and I don't think it is supported for Laserfiche. The scanner is an HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3 and I don't see that on their list of supported scanners. They have purchased Hp Scanjet flow 7000 s2 in the past and were expecting the s3 to be supported but it doesn't appear to be. 


Is there a way that I can get this scanner supported? 


Side Note: Is there a more specific list of scanners that laserfiche support? The list that I have found and shared in this post is very generic in my opinion and is specific to what exact models are supported. 

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replied 10 hours ago

You can get the Twain driver in the Basic Driver

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replied on November 20

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out here on Answers. The Supported Scanners page says "Note that the absence of a scanner from the list below only means that it has not yet gone through the Laserfiche Scanner Certification process." It's not feasible for us to test and certify every scanner on the market. I do see the "Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 7000" listed on there though.

Laserfiche supports scanning through the standard TWAIN protocol. The HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3 Sheet-feed Scanner product page states "Scan images directly into applications with included and full-featured 32-bit and 64-bit TWAIN and ISIS®" so it should work with Laserfiche through the standard TWAIN option. We also have ISIS® driver support through a paid add on called Laserfiche ScanConnect, but I would definitely try TWAIN first.

Hope that info is helpful!

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replied one day ago

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I am not getting that Scan Sources option when opening up Laserfiche Scanning. Attached is a screenshot of what I am getting when opening up the scan option in laserfiche. Is there a different way I need to be connecting the Scanner?

Scanner issue 1.PNG
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replied one day ago Show version history

Ah, the Scan Sources dialog automatically up the first time you launch Scanning and then saves your settings. You can always get back to it from "File -> Choose Scan Source".

I'm not that familiar with the "Configure Device Settings" options, but it looks like you might already be connected to the scanner in question (says Selected Device: HP Scanjet 7000). Unless that's the previous "s2" one?

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replied 12 hours ago

So when I try and click Okay, Cancel or even close out of the Configure Device Settings pop up all I get is an error box "Cant Talk to scanner, Check cables and Power. (-4432). If I click on okay or close out of that pop up box it just gives me the original pop up Configure Device Settings.  I cant click on anything on the Scanning page. So it won't let me get to File and Choose Scan Source. Any other suggestions?

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replied 11 hours ago

Did you install the Twain driver for the scanner?

Do you have an available ScanConnect license?  If so install Scanconnect and use the ISIS driver.

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replied 10 hours ago Show version history

I don't see a Twain Driver option on HP Website for the scanner. Here is the URL for the driver I downloaded for that specific scanner.


Also, I don't believe we have any ScanConnect license. Is there a way we can see if there is a ScanConnect License?

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replied 4 hours ago

As @Burt Warren mentioned, the TWAIN and WIA (also supported) drivers are part of the Basic Driver (and presumably "Full Feature Driver and Software) package.

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