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Web Client 10.4.2- Closing Window Instead of Logging out still holds session

asked on November 19, 2020


Customer came to us with the following:

Prior to our last upgrade to version 10.4.2 when a user would open the web client and close it using the browser ‘X’ the session would end.  Now it appears that they have to actually log out of the web client in order to end the session.  Eventually they run out of sessions and receive an message saying the number of sessions has been reached and they can’t get in.  I have to go into the Admin console and end their sessions for them.  It doesn’t matter what browser is used.

All I can see is setting the session timeout in IIS and the Idle Timeout in the Web Client configuration

Is there a setting in LFDS or LF Admin console for this.

Appreciate the feedback,

Jeff Curtis

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replied on November 20, 2020

It's true that closing the window doesn't end the session. Web servers can't reliably know when you close a browser window, and anyway users typically have several tabs open at a time. Our web client - like most web servers - relies on timeouts like those you mention to know when a user is no longer active. This isn't a change in 10.4.2 though. Maybe someone changed a timeout value and had that change overwritten by the upgrade?

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replied on November 20, 2020

Thanks Brian

Makes Sense

I will let the customer know


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