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Audit Trail: How Does it Work?

asked on November 16

We have audit trail connected to a DB in a HA setup. The servers restarted over the weekend for patches and Audit Trail would only display old records this morning. Now I did notice that if i refreshed Audit trail the dates were slowly increasing like it was slowly syncing to the database.


So how does Audit Trail work? Why is it slowly syncing this information? Is this an issue with our HA setup for the DB or does Audit Trail just download everything from the database based on the date range set?


On a side note, the audit trail database's views take a long time to load for some reason. Even from within SSMS, so maybe thats why it seems so slow too?

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replied on November 16

Hi Kyle,

See How Does Audit Trail Work?

To summarize, Laserfiche Server writes audit data to binary audit log files. These are the Source of Truth. Audit Trail Reporting reads those binary audit logs for each configured repository and writes events in the configured Reporting Date Range to the corresponding Audit Trail Reporting database.

It sounds like you were observing Audit Trail Reporting catching up on syncing new events to the reporting database(s). If you're running a SQL Server Availability Group with Synchronous replication, you might be seeing symptoms of replication performance issues there. If so, you can try temporarily switching to Asynchronous replication and see if the slowness goes away.

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replied on November 17

Thank you for the feedback! I will have to check out which type of sync we are running

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