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Date Display Different Between Desktop Client and Web Client

asked on November 15



I am wondering if this is a Laserfiche thing that can be changed (setting or attribute or something) or if it is a web browser thing.

I noticed that a template field (format short date) is displaying differently between the desktop client, the web client template field, and the web client column display.


In the admin console (last snippet) I have the field set for short date.  Opening an entry in the desktop client shows the field as expected with mm/dd/yyyy.  If I show the field in the column display on the web client, it displays as expected mm/dd/yyyy.  However, when I view the template field in Web Client it is not only showing a time, but it also shows a different format of yyyy/mm/dd.


Is there a setting I am missing so that in the web client it will display in the template view as mm/dd/yyyy?


Laserfiche Web Client

10.3 (

Laserfiche Repository Access



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replied on November 16

Hi Jennifer,

Can you try changing the browser language to English(Australia).


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replied on November 16

Did not make a difference for me.  Thanks.

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