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Feature Request: Add a Print button for Weblink PDF viewer

asked on October 30, 2020

The Weblink pages (TIFF) doc viewer shows a print button, which works fine. However, in our implementation of Weblink, we have had numerous issue with the TIFF pages (embedded links don't work, fillable form fields don't work, certain graphics are degraded, etc). As a workaround, we have deleted all generated pages, which forces the viewer to use the PDF viewer (for pdf documents anyway). 


The problem with this PDF viewer is there's no Print button, which our customers use. The in-browser print option attempts to print the weblink frame, which is a no go. Interestingly, a CTRL+P keyboard shortcut works to print the PDF properly, as long as the document is in focus. It stands to reason that replicating that CTRL+P functionality in a print icon placed next to the download icon should be a relatively simple fix. Downloading the PDF is an option, but it is not an intuitive step to have to download a file prior to printing from a browser. 

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replied on March 15, 2023

Just a follow up on this to see if the addition of a Print button is on the roadmap for WebLink? I've had another inquiry as to why the public cannot print a PDF.

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replied on February 8

Has there been any progress on this? I find it hard to believe that it's been over 3 years and Laserfiche has not addressed this. We have another customer who wants to print their PDF's on their public portal and the fact that the TIFF document toolbar loads for a second before disappearing is just a tease. I'm sure someone out there has altered the Weblink to add a print button, anyone care to share?



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replied on February 21

For anyone else wanting the print button on the PDF's, a very smart customer of ours has figured this out. See screenshots. It seems that it's display none by default. Comment out the print line. 


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