posted on October 28, 2020

We’ve recently released the following new items in Aspire, at no cost. Please see the information below to learn about each learning item. 


Video Tutorials

Using Gateways in Business Processes

Description: This video explores how to route forms and tasks using gateways and conditional expressions. 

Duration: 3 minutes

Using a Database Lookup Rule to Fill Out a Form

Description: Laserfiche can automatically get information from a look up table query, formula, application connection, or decision table and insert that information into a form. This video explores how to configure a rule that runs a query on a lookup table. 

Duration: 2 minutes

Getting a Shareable Link for a Form

Description: Providing users with a link to a form gives them the flexibility to start a process simply by pasting the URL into a browser and filling out the form. You can also easily email links to forms or include form links on your company’s website.

Duration: 1 minutes

Using the Read CSV File Activity in Laserfiche Bots

Description: The Read CSV file activity lets you use information that’s stored in a CSV file, in your bot. This video explores this activity.

Duration: 3 minutes

New Features in Laserfiche Cloud 2020.4

Description: In this video, we explore the new features in Laserfiche Cloud 2020.4.

Duration: 3 minutes

Introduction to Repositories

Description: A repository is a central location where all your documents are stored. This video explores repositories in Laserfiche.

Duration: 3 minutes

Reporting in Laserfiche Forms 10.4

Description: Analytics and reporting help you make informed decisions about your processes. This video explores reports in Laserfiche Forms.

Duration: 3 minutes

Search Filters

Description: Laserfiche has powerful search capabilities. This video explores advanced search filters. 

Duration: 2 minutes

Signing into Laserfiche

Description: Learn how to sign into Laserfiche.

Duration: 1 minute

Modern Form Designer

Description: The new form designer allows you to create forms with side-by-side fields in a more intuitive designer.

Duration: 2 minutes


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