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Workflow: "Invoke Workflow" select different connection profile possible?

asked on October 23, 2020

Hi all, I am wondering if it is possible for a Form/Workflow calling another workflow/Business process that have multiple connection profiles defined with it, to choose which connection profile to use.

That is saying, I built a common business process that do a lot of work and I want it to be used on different repository. I don't want to create multiple copy of it just for different connection profile. Though you can define multiple connection for that WF/BP, and if you test/run from the designer (interactive mode), it will pop-up ask for selection a connection profile. However if you want to call it from another workflow use "Invoke workflow" activity, there is no configuration for selection which profile. Same to a Form process call this workflow and no place assign which connection profile to use.

How do you handle this situation? 

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replied on October 26, 2020

No, connection profiles cannot be changed at runtime.

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replied on January 6, 2021

Hi Miruna, I do understand the workflow was kind of pre-compiled code blocks, but imagine we want to do some common repeatable activity over different repositories, and we have to maintain exact amount of workflows, and times how many common activity we need. Whenever we want to change a little bit in such a workflow we MUST make changes to other just with different repository connection profile. 

Any chances that laserfiche come up with a better solution?


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replied on January 7, 2021

I do get why the concept sounds appealing and why it might sound easy in the perfect case. But everything in the workflow definition depends on the repository, so there could be lots of unintended consequences when that changes.

What sort of common actions are you building?

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replied on January 7, 2021 Show version history

Here is an example: we are building a solution for a customer, which they have several divisions that require different repositories. They share some common process so we need build some workflows i.e. move documents from incoming folder then assign meta, apply stamps etc.. Since only one workflow server in place, if we need put all workflows then under current situation we need duplicate workflow just of different connection profiles. The challenge is whenever we modify something of a workflow, we have to modify all others. 

Though a workflow can include multiple connection profiles but if a workflow have more than one profile, then every activity need choose one profile at the spot which doesn't help at all.


What we expect to do: build a single workflow, depending on input parameter, choose one of the connection profile so following steps all happen on that repository without choosing explicitly in every activity.


Does it make sense?



After some thought, how about build workflow profile like this:

allow define multiple connection profiles as part of workflow profile. Set a flag to tell whether this workflow should run under single repository or multiple repository. If it marks as single repository, then when calling this workflow, user must assign which connection profile as parameter. That connection profile will then be the repository of all activity of the workflow.


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