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Automatically generate pages from PDF and delete electronic document

asked on October 19

I am importing files into Laserfiche using Email Archive. These files have PDF attachments, which are the documents I really want to process.

In Laserfiche, I would like to generate TIFF pages from these documents and delete the documents themselves but haven't figured out how to do so.

Import Agent includes a "Processing" tab that allows a user to generate pages from PDFs and optionally not keep the original PDF file. Email Archive, unfortunately, does not have the Processing tab.

I thought of extracting the content from email using Email Archive, then processing with Import Agent, but email archive seems unable to save output except to the Laserfiche Repository, and Import Agent doesn't seem able to process files from there.

I didn't see any Workflow activity that would allow generating pages.

I will be processing these documents with Quick Fields, but haven't found the capability in that product either.

Here are my questions:

  • Is there a way to do this using out-of-the-box Laserfiche components?
  • If not, has someone done this in Workflow using the SDK Script activity?
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replied on October 20 Show version history

In email archiver, select the "Archive Messages" tab and scroll down.  Has to be set on each import profile.

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replied on October 19

Hi Timothy,

You can refer to this online help page of Configuring the Profile's XML to change the default settings for PDF attachment. To achieve your goal, simply set KeepPDFFile="false" and GeneratePagesOnPDFImport="true", save the profile and then restart Email Archive service.

Hope that will help.

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replied on October 19

Hi Timothy,

Quick Fields may be able to do what you're looking for. In the Laserfiche Capture Engine setup, under the Document Content node, there's a section regarding what to do with PDFs. You'll want to make sure you're generating pages for PDFs, and NOT keeping the PDF after that.


Does that sound like what you're looking to accomplish?

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