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Using GUID as URL Parameters

asked on October 16, 2020

I am attempting to test out a solution for an  public survey/application process that may require changes to the form. I was directed through a Laserfiche employee on the “Answers” Forum to try passing the form field values a URL parameters with the use of GUID and a table. I have the workflow setup to store the simple 4 values into the table I also create a field on the form called “GUID” and set it by default to be the instance ID.


Everything seemed to work as expected except I cannot get the URL parameters to fill the expected fields with the value I set. I even have tried manually inputting the value for the GUID field. I have screenshots below to showcase what I am seeing.


I also attempted the URL parameter route with the Contact Name field and still did not get the field filled with the value I set in the URL..


Any help is appreciated.


Manual attempt at assigning the GUID field


Manual Attempt with another field (Contact Person Name)

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replied on October 16, 2020 Show version history

Unfortunately you cannot pass values into collections or tables at this time.

See this portion of the  help file under "Is it possible to pre-fill the fields on a form by passing in URL parameters?" for more information.

Also, it looks as if the GUID is a read only field. Read only fields cannot be filled in by passing values through the URL.

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