asked on October 16

A client has come to us with a scenario that I'm not certain is doable. They have several record series set up and would like to have a default template for all documents entered under that record series. They have the option set to default to the template of the parent folder, but the problem is this - because there is a record folder (and in some cases another record series) between the document and the record series folder that contains the template, the default template is not being chosen. It appears that default templates only apply to documents and not to folders, so by creating the folder in between the top of the series and the document, they can't utilize default templates.

I debated creating a workflow to assign the template to any document created under the top folder of the series but then the user would still have to go in and enter the relevant data, which defeats the purpose of saving time by having a default template. It is my impression that they have many templates and don't want the user to have to pick the template when they're uploading a document and just be able to put in the relevant metadata information.

Has anyone run into this before or have any thoughts on how to work around it?

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