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display the number of licenses assigned

asked on October 12, 2020

I have a problem on directory server it does not display the number of licenses assigned on the other hand it displays on laserfiche adminstration console

laserfichedirectory server.png
administration console.png
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replied on October 12, 2020

It looks like, in LFDS, you assigned all of the named user licenses to the LF Server.  Then in the LF Admin console you assigned licenses to users.  Doing this makes the licenses only available to a single LF server and the users are specific to the server, so they are not know by LFDS and do not show up in LFDS.  Therefore, this is not the recommended way to assign user licensing in Rio.

Ideally, you do not assign any named user licenses to the LF server(s) when you create the server license.  Instead, you create the user and assign the license in LFDS.  Once a user has been created and assigned a license in LFDS, the user can use that license to log into any repository within the organization that they have rights to.

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