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How to insert data through forms using excel upload option

asked on October 7, 2020

Hi Team,

How can i insert the data from excel sheet to SQL table using forms upload option.



Shubham Jain

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replied on October 7, 2020 Show version history

I believe the only option is to have the form save the upload to the repository and either call a workflow from Forms after the upload or have Workflow monitor the folder for new uploads.

Then you should be able to use workflow to export the Excel file to a specific location with a specific file name.  Finally use an ODBC connection with a Query Data activity or use a Custom Query activity with OPENROWSET.


See How to import CSV into SQL with Workflow for an example of exporting the file to a windows folder and how to use the SQL OPENROWSET function.  Note the the sample shown in the link is for CSV, but you can do a web search for how to use it with Excel.


See Reading from Excel file for an example of using a Query Data activity to query an exported Excel file.

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