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FX Function within table calculating values within a column and using using the values in same column

asked on September 19 Show version history


In  table 2, i have a column name No of Items, using IF, Row 1 is equal to Table 1.Number of entities,1 and then Table2 no of items row 5 should be the sum of table 2 no of items row 2,3 and 4. Below is the function i tried using, but it is not working. I have also tried to create separate fields to do the calculation in and out of the table, but it errors out and shows circular reference.


Any thing else i could possibly try?

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replied on September 22

What version of Forms are you using? If you are using Forms 10.4.3 or before, you should be able to get the value even it shows there is circular reference error.

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replied on September 25

Hi Xiuhong, we are still on forms I resolved this issue with Java Scripting doing the calculations.

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