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How to use a new volume for new documents?

asked on September 15

By default configurations that import to the repository use the parent folder volume. How do I change this volume for all folders in the repository?

If I try to select more than one folder and right click to bring up the context menu, the option for Properties is missing.

When I tried to use workflow to "Migrate Volume" for folders, it started migrating the child entries to the new volume as well.

I only want new entries to go to the new volume.

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replied on September 15 Show version history

Hi Chad,

I haven't tested this, but this was interesting to me so I started looking into it. In my test repository, I can select multiple folders at the root level of the repository, then go up to the menu bar at the top and select Tasks->Set Default Volume. Wondering if doing that, and also setting the default volume at the repository level to your new volume (for any new folders that get created at the root level), would accomplish what you're looking for.

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replied on September 15

Hi Jacob

That was what I was looking for! I just always have done it from the properties and not the top menu. Just applied it to all folders in the repository and its working! Thanks for the heads up.

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