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Laserfiche Forms - Direct Approval - Different Email

asked on September 15

It seem that Laserfiche Forms requires approvals to come from the email(s) they are sent to.

  1. Can we change that setting in a config file to allow any approval sender to work?
  2. Could we setup additional potential approver emails in the process? (Outside of setting a team.)


This message is returned if the approval email is sent from a different email address then the email address(es) it was sent to. "The email approval (action Approve) failed. Either the task has already been performed or you cannot perform approval actions."

- Laserfiche Forms Professional Version -

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replied on September 15

Use Case: An approval is sent to an account that is mapped to a shared mailbox. Currently that mailbox is how every request comes in and is handled by management. A manager is assigned to deal with items in that mailbox from multiple systems for that day. The shared mailbox does not allow the user to send on behalf of the mailbox, so the user would send on behalf of themselves. This approach sends the same exact email received, and seems to incorporate the needed items, but has the email to the direct approval system come from an unfamiliar email address. This seems to be the cause of the approval failure.

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replied on September 15

This is done as a security measure. Only the email address the task is assigned to can use email approval. Otherwise it would be much easier for anyone to send an email to the IMAP server to get a user task approved on behalf of someone else. 

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