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Upgrading Workflow that reference SDK components

asked on September 15

We have a client who is on Workflow 9.1.1, and their workflows have some SDK scripts in them that reference various assemblies/SDK components. What will happen if Workflow is upgraded to 10.4?

Some of the components referenced in the scripts:

  • PDFExporter90
  • Interop.LFSO90Lib
  • DocumentServices
  • RepositoryAccess
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replied on September 15 Show version history

Interop.LFSO90Lib will be kept during an upgrade. RepositoryAccess and DocumentServices will be kept if they are version 9.1 or higher.

PDFExport90 will not. You'll need to install the SDK runtime to get it back.

Edit: your support case also mentions interop.LFSO(1Lib and PDFExporter91. Those files were never part of the Workflow installation, so they'll stick around until you upgrade whatever other Laserfiche application(s) that installed them.

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