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Audit or Other Report Across Multiple Repositories

asked on September 14

I have a number of repositories hosted on my production Laserfiche server and I'm trying to get an idea about system usage. For example, to determine when a good timeframe would be to schedule down time for regular maintenance.

I have Audit Trail running on each repository, but it looks like reporting configuration is repository-specific. Is there any way--with AT or another mechanism--to run these kinds of reports across multiple repositories?

I know I can use PerfMon to get this kind of data, but it hasn't been running so I don't have the data currently. I would also like to avoid running PerfMon all day every day if I can.

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replied on September 14

I host repositories for multiple state agencies in a hosted laserfiche server farm.  I have a SQL stored procedure that runs daily and pulls data from each repository database, Audit Trail database and the shared Directory Server Database and workflow database into a reporting table in both MY production and development environments.  I then have a series of PowerBI reports I use to give me an overview of current production as well as trends.  A few sample pages are attached.  This works well for me but I believe this should be built into the product at some point.

PowerBI LF Stats 3.PNG
PowerBI LF Stats 4.PNG
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