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Tool Tip location

asked on September 14 Show version history

I'm trying to assign a tool tip to each option on a radio button, and have done it successfully on other forms.  In this form, the tool tip box is appearing far over to right and up towards the top of the form (the first option is so high, it's not visible on-screen).  Here is my JavaScript - 

function() { 
 var label=$('.checkboxcss .cf-field label');
  label[3].title="This includes both Blind/Visually Impaired Teacher services and Orientation & Mobility services.";  

Any ideas on what might be happening?

img1.PNG (27.27 KB)
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replied on September 15 Show version history

Hi Amanda,

   kindly try the below:

$( document ).tooltip({track: true});



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replied on September 15 Show version history

I added it, but there isn't any difference.  Is there anything else I need to do?

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