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Form Reporting and multiple values

asked on September 14

So starting to put together a report for a process and notice an immediate issue that the client is going to question.  The process is an invoice form where they have the vendor and other info folllowed by a table with line item information.

When running the report I would expect multiple lines for those values just like in the Form and how it was entered.  If the table had 4 rows on submit, the report should also have 4 rows.  

However, the report shows just one row with the values separated by bars 

The team is looking for line item info so they can run up and tally info.  Is there any configuration for this?

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replied on September 14

Hi Chris, are you exporting the report by CSV? If you export the report by XLSX, you should get what you need, feel free to let me know if this is not sufficient.

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replied on September 14 Show version history

Great, this worked.  Sorry I didnt have Excel on the client server so was just doing csv.

Is there a special type for generating reports in WebAccess.  If I run a search and then generate a metadata report it seems to do the multi values with semicolon separators 

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