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Laserfiche Connector - Use Open Client For Search Results?

asked on September 2

Trying to build a Connector profile that does a search and returns the results in the Laserfiche client.  The profile works as anticipated except that it opens a new instance of the Laserfiche client each time it runs.  My expectation is that it would recognize that there is a Laserfiche client instance open and use that instance to display the search results.  Researched the help file and the available custom attributes in the xsd configuration schema but do not see a switch to tell Connector to use the open instance of the Laserfiche client to display search results.  Is this the expected behavior or is it possible to configure Connector to use the open Laserfiche client to display search results?

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replied on September 10

I have a couple clients that have been requesting the same result. I even presented it to a developer at Empower and I was hoping this request would be addresses but nothing as of yet. My issue is also when the search result has One result and opens the document automatically and this every time you Launch a search with Connector you get two screens open. 

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replied on September 14

Hi Cliff and Jerry,


Which version is Laserfiche Windows Client? I tried in Laserfiche Connector 10.3 with Laserfiche Window Client, Connector uses the existing Laserfiche Windows Client if it opens with the user that is used in LF Connector's profile, instead of opening a new instance of Laserfiche Windows client. Also, you can add "ShowInNewWindow" attribute and set its value as "false" in profile.


            <StepDef type="OpenLFClient">
                <Attribute name="ShowInNewWindow" value="false" />
              <Elements />



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replied on September 15 Show version history


Windows Client version 10.4 (, Connector version

When creating the profile if I select 'Windows Authentication' in the Authentication section of the Laserfiche Repository tab then Connector will open up a new instance of the client each time the search runs.  Regardless if there is a StepDef Attribute set for ShowInNewWindow to false, the search result _always_ opens a new client instance.

However, if I select 'Prompt To Sign In' as the authentication method when creating a new profile I am indeed prompted to credential in each time the search runs _but_ the search results are shown in the open client instance!

The workaround I will pass on to the customer is that you must run the Connector search once to credential in but make sure to check the 'Remember me' checkbox in the credentials dialog to get the desired behavior.

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replied on October 14

Hi Cliff,

When you use "Windows Authentication" in Connector's profile, which account do you use to log in the Windows Client? What if you login the Windows Client using "Windows authentication" too?

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replied on October 14


When configuring Connector per the workaround we use the Laserfiche User Name and password for the specific user of the machine we are configuring.  In addition, they use Windows Authentication to login to the repository.

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replied on October 19 Show version history

I tried with LF Client, Connector, Server

If I open and log in LF Client with Windows Authentication and create a profile with Windows Authentication too (below screenshot), the search results are shown in the open window


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