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Quick Fields / Workflow - If token field is empty, do not leave token name in field

asked on August 31



I am building a process that identifies details from a suppliers invoices.

Some of the invoices have ticket number which we need to tale note using the %(Token Array).

This works perfectly and captures all tickets as metadata using Regular Expressions.


Where the problem arises is in Workflow when we are trying to sort the ticket invoices from the standard invoice with no tickets.

In Workflow, we are getting the system to look at the "tickets" field of the template and send the invoices with tickets to a specific folder.

The problem is that the field is populated on both invoice types as the "non-ticket" invoices still have a value in the "Tickets" field with the value of "%(Token Array)".


Is there a way in Quick Fields for if a there is no value taken from the invoice that the field is left empty?

Or a way in Workflow, that the system differentiates between a token( "%(Token Array)" ) or  a ticket number?

(Please note, i have tried using the Regular Expression from Quick Fields in WorkFlow to identify the ticket but it doesn't work.)

QF screen 1.png
QF screen 1.png (46.12 KB)
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replied on September 22

Hi did you manage to solve the issue. We have the same issue here

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