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We’ve recently released the following new items in Aspire, at no cost. Please see the information below to learn about each learning item. 

Video Tutorials

Using Variables to a Create Form

Description: Variables store the information collected when a process runs, and they are placeholders for that information in process models and forms. This video explores how to use variables to populate forms.

Duration: 3 minutes

Bot Capabilities

Description: Capabilities let you assign remote agent queues to specific departments, ensuring each department has the resources it needs to run its bots efficiently. 

Duration: 2 minutes

Dynamic Metadata Fields in Laserfiche Cloud 2020.3.1

Description: This video explores dynamic metadata fields in Laserfiche Cloud 2020.3.1 For more information, see the documentation.

Duration: 2 minutes


Tackling Your First Automation Project

Description: Laserfiche process automation expert from Hanover County, Virginia – Amy Johnson – shares advice on tackling your first Laserfiche automation project.

Duration: 16 minutes

If you have any questions regarding your account, you can reach us at

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